1099s and W-2s

Your business is required to issue 1099s to any non-corporation it paid $600 or more for services rendered last year. You are not required to include amounts paid by credit card. 1099s are also required for all attorneys paid last year regardless of how much they were paid. Copies of form 1099 must be sent to the recipients and the IRS by the last day of January.

Our fee for preparing 1099s is $135.00 plus $13.00 per 1099 which includes mailing to recipients. If we must calculate 1099 amounts from your QuickBooks, the fee may be higher and you will be provided a quote.

If you would like for us to prepare these forms, please follow the link at the bottom of this page to our information forms and email them to: contact@tacpas.com or fax to Attn: 1099 desk at (480) 948-9530 as soon as possible.

2023 for 1099 Preparation Request

QuickBooks 1099 report instructions

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